This one wasn’t so bad. Wild draw 4 could end any relationship

I’m excited to write another algorithm walk-through. This problem is a little simpler than my previous post but don’t let it fool you, it has a really nice pattern that tricked me when I first started programming. It’s a simple pattern, but probably something really nice to keep under your belt. If you haven’t checked out my previous post go check it out: ransom note — walkthrough

Problem Description:

The function will take a string as a parameter, reverse every word in that string and return a new string with the reversed words. …

If you’re starting out the exciting journey to become a software engineer, you may have heard from someone that you should start working on your algorithm skills. There is no question about it, anyone starting out who wants to make a dent in the industry will need to get their hands dirty and develop those problem solving skills.

I decided to start a series of blog posts where I can breakdown the algorithm practice I come across. These series of blog posts will be a great practice for me to review these algorithms, hone my pattern recognition and problem solving…

The first date is always overwhelming. Especially when you’re really into someone. Your palms get sweaty, you start regretting the outfit you chose, you’re caught staring at them in silence for 1.5 seconds longer than you should, and everything they say sound smart and funny and everything you say sounds like you asked a 7 year old for dating advice. …

Marlon Braga

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